The Pitch Fiesta, New Bloggers, and Summer Vacation

We will be on vacation for the month of August, but we’re already planning for our return in September, a month that marks our one year Blogversary and National Hispanic Heritage Month. We’ll tweet past posts through the month for our new followers. Below are news items, plans for our second year, and special thanks to all who have worked with us so far.

What we’re doing with our time off:

Lila: August is catch-up time. My list is miles long and full of mundane things that I’ll relish checking off! Soon after our break, on September 27, I’ll be in Brooklyn at the Comadres y Compadres Writers Conference. If any Latin@s in Kid Lit readers make it there, please come by to say hello. I’d love to meet you! In fact, thanks to this Comadres event, I’ll finally get to exchange an abrazo with Cindy, the founder of this blog!

Sujei: August is also catch-up time! From my never-ending to-read/to-watch lists to starting my dissertation proposal focused in Latino librarianship. Offering occasional bilingual storytimes at my library will also bring joy to my summer break!

Zoraida: August will be my month for major outlining. I am working on my next YA, ENCANTRIX, about a family of Brujas. Also, outlining my next NA romance!

Cindy: I recently finished writing my second YA novel, AESOP’S CURSE (yay!), so I will be using the month of August to read and relax. A week before returning to school, my daughter and I will join friends for a week in Misquamicut, RI. Ahhh!

Blogger news:

stephanie guerra 2012AuthorPhoto500pixels About Me Pic PatrickFS1

The bad news is Stephanie Guerra has decided to leave the blog. She has lots of writing projects in the works, so we will be looking out for those and wishing her luck along the way. Thank you, Stephanie, for helping us to launch the blog!

The good news is Ashley Hope Pérez is returning. She took a break from blogging because of a move, a new job, and a dissertation she had to complete! Soon we will call her Dr. Pérez! She will return to the site in the fall.

The exciting news is that Sujei Lugo, our resident librarian and regular book reviewer, will be blogging about library issues as they relate to Latin@ kid lit. She is planning a regular Q&A feature with fellow librarians to discuss literacy, book challenges, and programming.

We have also secured Patrick Flores-Scott, author of Jumped In, as a regular contributor, so look for his perspective throughout the year.


While we have a great crew of bloggers and planned guest posts, we are always looking for new voices. We would love more regular contributors from anyone in the kid lit world who has the time and desire to write three or four posts a year on anything related to Latin@s in kid lit. If you are interested, please contact us through the form on the blog or by emailing:

We would also love to have teens contribute to our Libros Latin@s feature. If you are a parent, teacher, librarian, or someone who is otherwise in touch with teen readers, please let them know that we’d love for them to read books and talk them up on our site. Contact us here.

We are also looking for more agents and editors who want to participate in our first Pitch Fiesta….see next item for more details.

Pitch Fiesta!

Minolta DSCWe want more and more Latin@s in kid lit, so we’re hoping to match writers with agents and editors. Check out the line-up we have so far:

Amy Boggs: agent at the Donald Maass Literary Agency

Laura Dail of the Laura Dail  Literary Agency

Kathleen Ortiz: agent and subrights director at New Leaf Literary

Sara Megibow: agent at the Nelson Literary Agency

Adrienne Rosado: agent at the Nancy Yost Literary Agency

Arte Público Press

If you are an agent or editor looking for manuscripts with Latin@ characters, settings, etc., and you want to participate in our Pitch Fiesta, please contact us here or by emailing

Here are the details:

1. Writers who are Latin@ or writers or any ethnicity who have included Latin@ characters, settings, etc. in their manuscripts are eligible to apply.

2. You must have a complete manuscript at the time of the Pitch Fiesta. If an agent or editor is interested, you must have a complete manuscript ready to send. So, writers–get writing! Finish that manuscript! We will start accepting applications in September after we return from vacation.

3. We will post what the agents and editors are looking for in submissions. Please read and consider these before you apply.

4. When we open for applications, you (the writer) will send us your query letter and first pages of your middle grade or young adult novel (10 pages). One of the Latin@ in Kid Lit members will read your work and provide feedback. We will help you to revise and polish the query and/or first pages to prepare for the Pitch Fiesta. Even though we will help you with your pitch and first pages, please send us your best work. We have the right to reject any applications.

5. The actual online event will be in mid-November. Specific date to follow…


We’d like to thank the following people for contributing to our site in our first year. We’ve had a great start and it wouldn’t have been possible if these authors, editors, illustrators, and librarians had not been willing to share their time, expertise, and opinions. ¡Muchas gracias!

Everyone who is participating in our 2014 Reading Challenge–A HUGE THANK YOU!!!

Sarah Fine

Stephanie Diaz

Steven dos Santos

Estela Bernal

Scholastic’s Club Leo

Joe Cepeda

Zetta Elliott

Margarita Engle

Maria Andreu

Angela Cervantes

Alidis Vincente

Eileen Fontenot

Hannah Gomez

William Hazelgrove

CAKE Literary

Danette Vigilante

Skila Brown

Diana López

René Collato Laínez

Adrienne Rosado

Andrew Karre

Juana Martinez-Neal

Chantel Acevedo

Meg Medina

Yadhira Gonzalez-Taylor

Patrick Flores-Scott

Sonia Alejandra Rodriguez

Guadalupe Garcia McCall

Jenny Torres Sanchez

Have a wonderful rest of the summer! See you in September!

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  1. Enjpy your break. I’ll be looking forward to following you again in the fall; so glad to see Patrick and Ashley on board!!

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