2014 Reading Challenge: September & October Update

We’re nearing the end of our 2014 Reading Challenge, which is hard to believe, and titles continue to pour in from readers dedicated to diversifying their reading habits. Join us these last two months and consider buying some books by or about Latin@s as holiday gifts! Here are the guidelines: read one book a month that is written by a Latin@ author (any subject) or a book written by anyone that has Latin@ characters, themes, settings, etc. You’re not required to review–only read and enjoy and let us know what you have read! If you do post a review somewhere, we will link it to the book covers below. If you choose not to review, we will link the covers to Goodreads. Explore our book lists, past book talks (Libros Latin@s), and titles read by readers in the challenge for suggestions. Below are the books read by challenge participants in September and October.

865496  1067346  Tequila Worm - low bright-high contrast        899114  865485  7789203  16000381  17166339  1260343  1292832  14432542  865499  734193  18528311  106281  16667896  642728  522000  111396  1293605  32957  2236319  1464340  Enrique's Journey  13453104  20702546  Violet  334442  FreddieRamos  Lowriders in Space_FC_HiRes  Evelyn over  7175992  416068  1660305  13435270

3 comments on “2014 Reading Challenge: September & October Update

  1. It’s been a wonderful year of discovering new Latino writers and artists. This is still another great list from which to grab book titles & author/illustrator names. Thanks very much, Cindy!

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