We are sorry. We believe you. We support you.


We at Latinxs in Kid Lit would like to say to those who have recently described experiences of sexual harrassment and predatory sexual behavior in the children’s literature community: We are sorry. We believe you. We support you. We also extend our care and concern to the victims of sexual harassment and abuse who have chosen to remain silent.

We are now aware that, on this blog and through our social media accounts, we have highlighted the work of men accused of harassment. We are sorry if this added to anyone’s pain. We will remove these posts, and we will be attentive to updates on the accusations and fallout as this issue is tackled within the Kid Lit community.

We also encourage everyone to read articles (see links below) that shed light on the issue and to consider what each of us can do to change the climate that exists in universities, conferences, and publishing offices. We need to reclaim and safeguard the networks and encounters through which we do business and intervene in the dynamics that make predatory actions difficult to report and stop. Those wishing to take one step in this direction may wish to consider the pledge posted on Gwenda Bond’s site, which articulates a determination to make conferences safer for everyone.

Sexual Harassment in the Children’s Book Industry

Children’s Publishing Reckons with Sexual Harassment in its Ranks

#metoo #ustoo Change Starts Now: Stand Against Harassment in the YA/Kidlit Community

{“…after the watermelon thing.”}

Malinda Lo on how sexual harassment intersects with race/ethnicity and sexual orientation.

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