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Since 2013, the Latinxs in Kid Lit site has been a trusted resource for educators, book buyers, and readers. Our contributors have written over 590 posts, which have included reviews, Q&As with authors and illustrators, cover reveals, guest posts by creators, and news about book deals. We have done all of this to highlight and celebrate the young adult, middle grade, picture books, and graphic novels by Latinx creators. And we have done all of this work for free.

Moving forward, we would like to pay our contributors for their efforts and add more writers. We ask our loyal followers to support us financially, for as little as $1 each month, so we can offer current and future contributors paid writing opportunities. We typically run 1 or 2 posts each week. Any additional money raised would be used to pay for website hosting. If we make more than we need to run the site, then we can also start to support the creative Latinx community in other ways.

Please visit our Patreon page and consider being one of our patrons. You may also support us with a one-time donation to our PayPal or Venmo accounts:


Venmo: @latinxsinkidlit


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