Guest Blogger Guidelines

Want to be a guest blogger on Latinxs in Kid Lit?

If so, here’s the process:

Step 1: Send us an email at with “Latinxs in Kid Lit: Guest Blogger” in the subject field. In the email, be sure to include: your full name, a link to your blog/website (if you have one), and enough about your idea so that we have a good sense of how you will develop the topic. You can also contact us and provide the same information through our “Write to Us!” section.

Step 2: We will read your request and let you know if we accept your idea. We reserve the right to say, “No, gracias.” Please be aware of the tone we have set on our site. We will not accept ideas that seem to be hostile or derogatory to our audience.

Step 3: If your idea is accepted, we will determine a publishing date that allows you enough time to write your post and gather needed images, etc. Once written, send the post to our email:, again with the subject: “Latinxs in Kid Lit: Guest Blogger.” Attach the article (500-1500 words) in Word and any related images in JPEG format. Also include a photo of yourself and a brief biographical statement to include as a “signature” at the end of the post. All guest posts will be edited; if we have any questions or plan to make major changes, we will contact you before it runs.

Step 4: Feel free to promote your post on social media and link your post to your own website or blog, if you have one.

We look forward to including your voice on our site!

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