The Road to Publishing Series

Part of our mission is to encourage interest in Latin@ children’s, MG, and YA literature and to share perspectives and resources that can be of use to writers, authors, illustrators, and other stakeholders in literacy and publishing. We hope that our Road to Publishing series was helpful to writers and illustrators currently working on projects. The posts are listed here to help inform anyone going through the process. Please contact us or leave a comment if you have any questions we haven’t answered or if you’d like to see us address a part of the process not covered here. Good luck with your writing and illustrating! We hope to add your project to our book lists!

Post #1 by the LiKL team offers general advice and a glimpse into our own experiences.

Post #2 by Stephanie Guerra is about receiving constructive feedback from beta readers and critique groups.

Post #3 by Zoraida Córdova is about how to write a query letter.

Post #4 by Author Chantel Acevedo is about landing an agent.

Post #5 by Illustrator Juana Martinez-Neal is about landing an agent.

Post #6 by Cindy L. Rodriguez is about going on submission with her debut novel.

Post #7 by Ashley Hope Pérez is about working with a rock star editor.

Post #8 is a Q&A between Ashley and her editor Andrew Karre of Carolrhoda Lab.

editing-paper      Editing1      2-14Book-Making

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