Latinxs In Kid Lit August 2022 Newsletter



In our August 2022 newsletter, we have an article from Dr. Emily Midkiff titled: Send Latinx Kids to the Stars! A Call for More Latin@Futurism in Children’s Lit. Here’s an excerpt, plus the cover of Dr. Midkiff’s book, Equipping Space Cadets:


When it comes to science fiction for young children, who is represented becomes all the more significant. Children are always looking for Rudine Simms Bishop’s “mirrors” and “windows,” and young readers are likely to interpret representation in the genre as a message about who is invited to read the genre and who is invited to imagine the future. Plus, children internalize what kinds of people are visible in STEM careers as indicators of whether those careers are viable options for them.

Yet there aren’t many science fiction books for the youngest readers to begin with, and even fewer of them have Latinx characters.



In the newsletter, we also have a list of August 2022 Latinx releases, and a Q&A with Julian R. Vaca, debut author of The Memory Index

Julian R. Vaca is a first generation Mexican American, and he’s been a creative writer for over a decade. He’s a staff writer on PBS’s “Reconnecting Roots,” a nationally broadcast show that drew in millions of viewers over its first two seasons. The Memory Index is his debut young adult novel. Connect with him at

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